Study of the impact of the road to Bischwiller at the level of the future kindergarten and elementary school in the Fischer district (Schiltigheim)

Indoor air

3D modeling of the performance of a fume hood and optimization of its geometry

Anti-noise wall

Air quality study at an area near the A35 freeway protected by a noise barrier

Sports complex

Study of the air quality at the level of the future new Costières stadium of Nîmes Olympique

Real time and AI

Real-time AI modeling of the southern entrance of Schiltigheim in the framework of the AAP Strasbourg Innovation Factory

Housing estate

Study of the impact of the Parisian super-ring road A86 on a housing estate developed by Nexity in Colombes

District heating

Study of the dispersion of smoke plumes from the chimneys of district heating units in Hautepierre