Strasbourg Innovation Factory

Real-time air quality modeling south of Schiltigheim

Eurometropolis of Strasbourg

2020 - 2021

170 ha

Real-time modeling


The city of Schiltigheim (67300), and in particular its southern part, illustrates well the concept of urban renewal with the realization of many development or redevelopment projects (Le Quartz, Nouveau Quartier Fischer,…). This area, very attractive, also includes a high road traffic, especially at the level of the road to Bischwiller, the road of General de Gaule (D263), or the street St Charles (D120), but also the A35 freeway located a little further west and elevated.

The maps of ATMO Grand Est showed a high level of air pollutants can be observed.

To evaluate in real time the air quality in the southern area of Schiltigheim, while avoiding a massive deployment of sensors (and their inherent cost), a model based on artificial intelligence was used.

This innovative solution makes it possible to determine the levels of nitrogen oxides and fine particles every 15 minutes according to traffic data (number and speed of SIRAC vehicles) and meteorological data (wind speed and direction…).

The results are made available to the public through a web platform allowing real-time monitoring of pollutant concentrations.

This project is a winner of the Innovation Factory 2019 of the Eurometropole of Strasbourg and is applicable to any city.