Impact of district heating emissions on air quality

3D digital modeling

Électricité de Strasbourg (ÉS)

January 2021

30 ha

Study of the impact of a district heating plant on the air quality of nearby homes


Électricité de Strasbourg wishes to increase its heat production with the installation of a new boiler room near the existing one. In an eco-responsible approach, ÉS has mandated AIR&D to model the atmospheric pollutant emissions (fine particles and nitrogen oxides) at the level of the chimneys of this new boiler room, but also at the level of the chimneys of the existing boiler room. More particularly, the question is to know the contribution of these boiler rooms on the air pollution on the other side of the A351 highway.

To do so, three-dimensional models of the dispersion of pollutants from the different stacks have been carried out. These models are based on a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model in order to take into account the complexity of the building, the weather, but also the natural terrain. Within the framework of this study, the contributions in pollutants coming from the A351 freeway were also taken into account.