Ensure quality air for the sustainability of projects and the health of all.

Welcome to AIR&D !

Very present on the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg but regularly exceeding the borders of the Great East, our Startup proposes solutions of diagnosis and understanding of the 3D phenomena of urban pollution.

modlelisation de la CFD

4 areas of expertise

adapted to your projects


Measure concentrations of various pollutants over a period of time to understand the origin of these concentrations and fluctuations.

3DAIR Modelling

Regulatory Compliance

3D modeling of the transport of air pollutants at the neighbourhood scale in order to limit the exposure of citizens to air pollution.

Air Pollution RTDM

Real time by artificial intelligence.

Monitoring of air pollution dispersion according to weather, building morphology, road traffic and different emissions.


Study of air quality in indoor atmosphere, mainly in the tertiary sector: comfort, regulation, safety at work.

Mission of assistance to the project owner.

Some figures...

Since its creation in September 2017, and thanks to a serious work as well as to more and more customers who offer us their trust, AIR&D has today :

Since 2018, more than 40 studies conducted in the Grand Est, Nimes, Paris, Montpellier

Study areas of 1 to 170 hectares

Our achievements

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If you wish an expertise or the realization of a mission of diagnosis of the quality of the air necessary to the implementation of your project.