Game presentation

The “Ecotown” project, winner of the “EDUUP” 2021 call for projects, aims to propose a playful way of understanding the concepts of managing an urban community, centered on the notions of sustainable development and air quality.

General presentation

The project is a “Serious game”, the first version of which was designed for middle school students mainly.

The game is a simulator of sustainable construction of a self-sufficient city (Sim City type) which takes place over a period of 48 months. It allows to think about the city of tomorrow, where human activities must find a balance according to the 3 pillars of sustainable development.

The student will have the role of an apprentice urban planner and will be able to interact and plan his actions following 3 axes:

    • Construction of new facilities (public/private buildings, parks, gardens)
    • The improvement of existing equipment (solar panels, densification, vegetation, etc…). The improvements are set according to the SVT and physics programs.
    • Urbanization of new areas
Demarage de la partie
rendu 3D de jeu Ecotwon

The student will be constrained by an available budget, updated each month according to the calculated number of inhabitants, available housing and jobs.

The student will have to manage the consequences of events that will occur randomly and will impact the game on one or more of these pillars. For example, in case of heavy rain, a city will be impacted on its budget and on the well being of its inhabitants according to the % of parks and gardens and the vegetation of the buildings

At the end of the game, the student will be rewarded with potentially 6 badges. Each badge will have between 1 and 3 stars, which will represent the level reached according to each theme: building construction, social amenities, environmental amenities, …

page de fin de jeu

Adaptation for all people

We have developed an accessible version of the game. This version will allow visually impaired people to take part in the game. Indeed, all the colors will be replaced by gray levels and the text appearing on the screen will be played in audio bubbles.