Measure concentrations of various pollutants over a period of time to understand the origin of these concentrations and fluctuations.

3DAIR Modelling

Regulatory Compliance

3D modeling of the transport of air pollutants at the neighbourhood level in order to limit the exposure of citizens to air pollution.

Air Pollution RTDM

Real time by artificial intelligence.

Monitoring of air pollution dispersion according to weather, building morphology, road traffic and different emissions.


Study of air quality in indoor atmosphere, mainly in the tertiary sector: comfort, regulation, safety at work.

Mission of assistance to the project owner.

City / Public services

Respond to a public health issue

Monitoring of air pollution at the neighbourhood level and in the vicinity of sensitive buildings (hospitals, nurseries, schools).

Offer assistance to the Design of the city

Urban design taking into account the problems of air pollution and heat islands. Integrate the air pollution dimension at the beginning of the projects and ensure a follow-up.

Real estate developer / Industrial / Asset manager

  • Assistance in the design of projects taking into account the air pollution component
  • To propose tools to allow the good definition of the morphology of the buildings, the protection of the sensitive people (Children, Old people, Fragile people, etc)
  • To ensure the sustainability of construction and development projects and to guarantee the well-being of the people who use them.


  • Propose sensors to allow citizens to actively evaluate the quality of their immediate environment and in particular the air they breathe and to modify their behavior.
  • Indoor air: measure the impact of the use of certain products or actions on air quality and help you change your habits
  • Outdoor air: Qualify the exposure of people during their travels in soft modes, to modify their routes, their sports habits, to make them aware of their impacts and to contribute in an anonymous way to the creation of dynamic maps available for all.