Indoor air

3D Modeling

Amusement park

March 2019

10 m²

Study of the aspiration of noxious fumes


A leisure park has a garage where harmful fumes are emitted when vehicles are started. Suction hoods allowing the evacuation of these fumes are present in this garage. However, for reasons of installation constraints, some of them do not have a convergent (system increasing the suction surface). In a concern of well-being and health of its employees, this park has mandated AIR&D to compare the efficiency of the suction hoods with and without convergent and to verify that the latter correctly fulfilled their role.

To do this, three-dimensional models of the fume extraction by the different fume hoods have been realized. These models are based on a 3D numerical fluid mechanics (CFD) model in order to take into account the complexity of the hood geometry.

The results of this study have shown that, due to the suction flow used, both types of hoods (with and without converging) fulfill their role perfectly, whether the emission source is placed directly under the suction area or a little further under the hood.