Impact of road traffic on air quality

3D digital modeling


August 2018

3,5 ha

Impact of the A86 on the project


In order to complete the outdoor air quality section of its building permit application for a planned development in Colombes (92700), Nexity had to determine the impact of the Parisian super-ring road (A86).

To do this, three-dimensional models of the dispersion of pollutants from road traffic on the A86 were carried out. These models are based on a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model in order to take into account the complexity of the construction project, the weather, but also the elevation of the ring road and the presence of a noise barrier.

The modeling results showed that the noise barrier blocks the pollution on the road and significantly reduces the concentrations of nitrogen oxides and fine particles from the A86.

The study also showed that, in this architectural configuration, pollutant concentrations tend to be lower at ground level than at the R+1/R+2 levels. This is due to the noise barrier which causes a top loading of pollutants.